Support in Learning and Attendance

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Many children need support in learning. All children are entitled to guidance counselling and sufficient support in learning and school attendance throughout the comprehensive school. Schools must provide support as soon as the children need it.

Support for learning and school attendance strengthen the pupils' basic skills and prevents difficulties in advance so that the pupil can achieve their learning goals.

The starting point for supporting healthy growth and learning is well-functioning collaboration between the home and the school.

Different forms of learning support

School support includes differentiation, remedial teaching, special education, student welfare work, guidance and special teaching arrangements. The pupil has the right to receive supporting instruments necessary for participation in teaching, as well as any possible interpretation or assistant services.

In basic education, every pupil is provided with age-appropriate education accordingly to their precondition. The pupil must have the right to participate in teaching as fully as possible with their general teaching group.

Support for learning and attendance is based on a three-step model where the forms and structures of support are gradually strengthened. The levels of support are general support, intensified support and special support. Support can also be provided in order to promote the pupil's special strengths.

Supporting attendance reduces absences

The City of Oulu comprehensive schools enjoy a model for supporting attendance. Well-being at school! supports school attendance and aims to reduce pupil absences. The model includes guidelines for supporting pupils' attendance and attachment to studies as well as for preventing, monitoring and intervening in absences.

The instructions are aimed at school and student welfare service staff, as well as guardians and pupils.

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