School Accidents and Property Damage

A school accident means an unexpected occurrence, where a sudden and external injury happens to a pupil in school or on their way to school. School accidents also include injuries that happen on school field trips, visits, camp school, clubs or on the way to activities that are part of the school's activity plan. The city has an insurance for school accidents.

Property damage is not, as a rule, reimbursed. The damage can be reimbursed if a pupil damages their property during a lesson and as a part of the lesson's activities. The Tort Liability Act is applied in cases where reimbursement is necessary. 

Optional accident insurance

The City of Oulu's optional accident insurance is under IF insurance company beginning from 1 January 2022.

The insurance is valid in the following activities when the city is the main organizer:

  • in the activities in the city's preschool and comprehensive school, upper secondary school, vocational school, adult education centre or a corresponding institution that are based on a curriculum or a working plan, including remote teaching, practical work practices, camp schools and field trips
  • morning and afternoon care
  • early childhood education and care.

The insurance is valid for the necessary and immediate traveling related to the aforementioned activities. Necessary and immediate traveling means the direct way to and from the activity (for example the way from school to home).

Insurance amounts:

  • Medical expenses caused by an accident 10 000 euros
  • Death caused by an accident 5 000 euros
  • Permanent damage caused by an accident 20 000 euros
  • Additional school travel expenses for comprehensive school pupils and upper secondary school students (those under 18 years of age)

Instructions on how to file an insurance claim

An employee of the city of Oulu or Monetra will file an insurance claim on behalf of the City of Oulu.

The insured/guardian will file an insurance claim on the website of If (below) in case they wish to apply for a reimbursement for the expenses caused by the accident.