Learning Support

In Oulu, teaching and pupil welfare services are organised according to the local school principle and regional operating model. The aim is that as many pupils as possible can attend school in their own local school with the help of various support measures.

Three-step support - general, intensified and special

Support for learning and school attendance is based on a three-step model where the forms and structures of support are gradually strengthened. The levels of support are general support, intensified support and special support. Support can also be provided to promote the pupil's special strengths.

Every pupil has the right to receive support and guidance for learning and attendance immediately when needed. In intensified support, a pupil needs regular support and several forms of support simultaneously. Starting and organizing intensified learning support is handled based on pedagogical assessment in a multiprofessional collaboration with the guardian and the student welfare staff. The arrangements for support are written in the learning plan.

If the goals and objectives of growth, learning or school attendance are not achieved with intensified support, the pupil is entitled to receive special support. The need for special support is handled as multiprofessional collaboration between the student welfare services and is recorded in a pedagogical report.

The regional manager makes the administrative admission decision on special support. To implement the decision, a plan for arranging individual teaching (HOJKS) is planned. It is required by law that the decision on special support is reviewed after grade 2, before transitioning to grade 7 and always when there emerges changes to the need of support.

Support for learning and school attendance is provided both in local schools and as centralized services in special groups and schools.

Forms of learning support

Support in local schools

Support in special schools

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