Stormwater Billing

The stormwater bill is sent to the property owner or the holder of a city rental plot to whose name the property title is registered to on the day of collecting the billing information 30.8. of the present year. The stormwater charge is an annual payment billed from all the approximately 27 000 properties located on detailed plan areas.

The status of the registration information used in billing affects who the bill is sent to. That is why you should always agree in the bill of sale on who pays the charges before the registering of title. It takes up to six months for the change in ownership to update based on the information registered in the land and the mortgage registers. 

If you wish to transfer the bill to the buyer's name, you must present a copy of the bill of sale or some other contract to the customer service

Corrections to errors in writing or calculation, and changes to name and address

Customer service will correct any errors in writing or calculation in the stormwater bills. They will also correct any changes to customer name and address. 

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Filing a complaint

The recipient of the stormwater bill has the right to file a complaint within 21 days of the bill's due date. The complaint is addressed to the city of Oulu's Urban Environmental Committee. In your complaint, please declare the recipient's information, bill number and the reason for the complaint. Attach a copy of the bill.

Complaints must be made to the city of Oulu's Registry office (operating hours: Mon-Fri 8.30-15.30):

The City of Oulu Registry Office:

  • postal address: P.O. box 71, 90015 Oulun kaupunki, street address: Kansankatu 55A
  • email:


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