Stormwater Charges

In the front, a common lilac. In the back, a row of detached houses.

The stormwater charge is an annual payment billed from all properties in detailed plan areas. It is based on the Land Use and Building Act. It is subject to public law, meaning there is no exemption from the charge. The charge concerns all properties in detailed plan areas, regardless of how the stormwater on the property is redirected. The profits are used as a whole to cover the expenses of planning, constructing and maintaining the stormwater systems in the City of Oulu. The rest of the expenses are covered with tax resources.

Stormwater charges from 1 January 2024

Property / property size, m²
Detached houses and one apartment summer house plots27,20
Other plots on detailed plan areas 
≤ 2 500182,40
≤ 5 000315,80
≤ 10 000544,50
≤ 25 000903,90
≤ 50 0001 805,00
≤ 100 0002 706,20
> 100 0002 706,20
Semi-detached houses are charged double the amount of stormwater charge compared to detached houses. 
For residential small houses comparable to detached houses that have a maximum of two floors, for example terraced and chain houses (detailed plan area markings AR, ARK) the stormwater charge is determined by the size of the plot. 
If any activity on the plot (for example private transporting of snow to the plot) causes an unusual strain on its stormwater system, the charge is determined separately.

The stormwater charge has been implemented by the decision of the Oulu City Council (decision 23.11.2015 § 447). The City Council's decision also requires the obedience of the charge to be supervised by the Community Board. The amount of the charge is annually approved simultaneously with confirming the price list of the Urban and Environmental Services.