Frequently Asked Questions about Stormwater

Stormwater charges

What is the stormwater charge and what is it based on?

What is the stormwater charge used for?

How is the stormwater charge billed?

Who does the stormwater charge concern?

Why does the charge not concern non-built-up areas?

What is a detailed plan? Is my house located on a detailed plan area?

What is a property?

What is the square area of my property?

Why is the invoice not addressed to the tenant?

Why is the invoice addressed to only one owner or shareholder (on for example semi-detached house property)?

Why did the new property owner not get the invoice?

Why is a deceased person's or the heirs' name in the invoice?

Why is the property's purpose of land-use incorrect?

Can I be exempted from the stormwater charge when the city’s stormwater system works improperly or when city area stormwater floods onto my property?

Why should I pay the charge if stormwater infiltration into soil only happens on my property, and no runoff water transfers onto my neighbor's property?

Do I have to pay the charge if my stormwater flows into a river, lake or sea, or if there is no stormwater network in my area?

Why is there no contract on stormwater?

Stormwater management

Whose responsibility is the maintenance of the public area stormwater systems?

Who can I contact if the drainage does not work properly? Or if a neighbor has clogged a public area ditch or has not kept the stormwater well covers, the driveway etc. clean, causing the stormwater flow to be obstructed.

Who can I contact if a neighbor is redirecting stormwater onto my property or clogs the ditch or depression between the property borders?

Is there a stormwater sewer on my property? Can I join a stormwater network on my area?

Where is the stormwater redirected to if there is no stormwater sewer on my property?