Air Quality in Oulu

The City of Oulu measures air quality in cooperation with institutions contributing to the strain on air quality. The results are updated every hour. In addition, the results are used to calculate an air quality index.

The most significant sources of airborne pollutants in Oulu include traffic, energy production, industrial odour emissions and the use of small-scale fireplaces. Airborne pollution travels to Finland from outside the borders of the country as well.

Air quality index

The air quality index (Finnish Meteorological Institute) is used to summarise air quality with the adjectives good, satisfactory, sufficient, poor, or very poor. The index, calculated every hour, depicts air quality at that moment.

Air quality in Finland is mainly good in January 2021.

The index in central Oulu is calculated using the results from a measurement station with busy traffic in city centre. The air quality measured in Pyykösjärvi generally reflects the air quality of residential areas outside central Oulu.

Environment Office of the Oulu Region

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