Business and Industry

Oulu is internationally known as a city of technology. Cooperation between enterprises, research, education and public organisations has produced significant results. Today Oulu is a major centre of competence in the field of high technology, particularly IT and wellness technology.

More traditional industries, such as wood refining, paper and steel industry, are also strong in Oulu. Oulu is investing and will continue to invest more and more in the development of extensive businesses as well as logistics, information technology, content production, media, well-being and bio and environmental fields.

Structure of industries: jobs by industry in Oulu.

  Jobs by industry
on Dec 31st 2013
Services 54 698
Industry 8 960
Commerce 8805
Construction 5 922
Transport 4 126
Farming, forestry and mining 906
Unknown 661
Total 84 078

In 2014, the average number of unemployed was 15 105, calculated on the basis of monthly statistics.