Child-friendly city

Oulun is a Child Friendly City.


Child-friendly city (CFC) Oulu is committed to improving the lives of local children by realizing their rights as articulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The voices, needs, priorities and rights of children are an integral part of public policies, programmes, decisions and of daily life at our day care centres, schools and establishments for young people and families.

Oulu took up the The Lapsiystävällinen kunta (Child Friendly Municipality) initiative in 2016. The initiative is led and recognitions are granted by the UNICEF Finnish National Committee. Locally, the initiative is coordinated by Educational and Cultural Services. 

“Child-Friendly City” recognition was granted to the City of Oulu in 2017 and 2020.


The aims in the City of Oulu for years 2021-2023 are:

  • to promote the Rights of the Child
  • to reduce and prevent social deprivation among children
  • to promote child participation in their immediate living environments, in the planning of city services and in preparing decision-making
  • to create possibilities for children to be active in mitigating climate change.

Child-friendly municipality action plan 2020-2023 (pdf)


Child-friendly Oulu -video: In the video, Siiri Ruokola, chairman of Oulu Youth Council ONE, tells how the city of Oulu promotes child-friendliness. Oulu - just a bit more child-friendly than the rest!

Child-Friendly Cities Initiative website


Further information

Coordinator Mr. Arttu Kuivala
tel. +358 40 626 6108
e-mail: arttu.kuivala[at]

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