Contact Information

Public service point of the City of Oulu
- call
08 558 558 00

City of Oulu switchboard 08 558 410

  • Dialling code for Oulu region: 08
  • When calling from abroad, you must also dial access codes and the country code for Finland, and the Oulu area code without the zero: + 358-8-558 410

E-mail addresses for municipal employees are usually in the form
Teachers' e-mail addresses are usually in the form

Informal feedback can be sent to oulu10(a)
The official e-mail address of the City of Oulu is

The postal address of the City of Oulu registry office is
Oulun kaupungin kirjaamo
PL 71
90015 Oulun kaupunki

The Registry Office is located at Kansankatu 55A (kaupunginarkisto).
Telephone 08 558 40636
fax 08 557 2018


Contact information for services and units can be found on the websites describing the services. There is an alphabetical index (in Finnish) to help you with your search.

The City of Oulu accepts only e-invoices. See instructions