Client Fees

Client fees in early childhood education from 1.3.2023

The highest client fee is still 295€/month and the lowest 28 €/month.  The fee for a second child does not exceed 40 % of the first child´s fee i.e. it is a maximum of 118 €. The fee for other children is 20 % of the fee for the youngest child in the family.


Number of persons in the family

Monthly income in euro

 1 March  2023

Payment per cent

 1 August 2022



10.7 %



10.7 %



10.7 %



10.7 %



10.7 %

National income thresholds and payments

Client fees in municipal early childhood education in the city of Oulu

New service needs and client fees in municipal early childhood education in the city of Oulu. An agreement on less service need can be made when the need for early childhood education is less than full-time.

Service need

Payment per cent of full-time

early childhood education

full time

100 %

10 days / month

50 %

13 days / month

75 %

less than  5h / day

60 %

less than 7h / day

75 %


Fees in pre-school education in early childhood education  

Pre-school education (4 h/day) and preparing education for children in pre-school age (5 h/day) is free of charge during the school year. Other needed early childhood education in addition to free pre-school education is charged as follows:

Service need in addition to pre-school education

Payment per cent of full-time early childhood education

10 days / month

30 %

13 days / month

45 %

more than 3 h / day

45 %

more than 13 days/ month

60 %


Bookings and absences

Bookings of daycare times and notifying of absences depend on the agreement of the family:

Daily care times and absences are notified using the paper form in the day care centre.

10- or 13-day agreements
Days in daycare and of absence are notified using the paper form in the day care centre OR days of absence are notified online at eVaka.

Bookings of daycare times must be made early enough so that times in daycare and days of absence, not of the next week´s but of the subsequent week are notified by Sunday at 24 hours at the latest. Days booked can be changed due to changes in work or studies, you must agree this beforehand with the manager of the day care centre.

If the child is absent from early childhood education on days booked beforehand, the reason for absence is registered (illness or other reason). Sickness days are marked as sickness days when it comes to pre-notified days. When the child is absent because of illness, the day care unit must be informed of this as soon as possible.

Exceeding the number of days agreed

If the number of care days agreed is exceeded, a price for extra days in accordance with income will be invoiced separately. If the agreed 10 days are exceeded by 1-3 days, a price for each extra day will be invoiced, and if by more than 13 days, a whole month´s payment will be invoiced. If the agreed 13 days are exceeded, payment of the whole month will be collected.

New agreement and providing information on income

Families needing less than full-time early childhood education will make a new agreement on service need with the manager of the daycare centre.  Forms are available in the daycare centre or you can print them at:

Families with maximum income can, if they wish, submit income declaration to review the fee from 1 August 2022. More information on income declaration: 

You can send your income statements through the electronic service.

You can also give feedback or ask questions using the city feedback service:


Questions about daycare fee?

If you have questions about daycare fee, please contact Customer payment unit. Service number is 08 558 45300 (choose number 2). Phone service from Tuesday to Thursday from 9 a.m, to 12 p.m.

The decisions of the daycare fees are made by the following client service secretaries:


  • Tuula Ihalainen
  • Sanna Markus
  • Irja Talman
  • Janne Viitala
  • Maarit Vilmi

You can print out the income declaration form for the purposes of determining daycare fees. 

You can print out the bulletin (pdf) of daycare invoices directly to your online bank

You can print out the bulletin (pdf) of client fees for children´s daycare

Service Voucher for private day care

The early childhood customer payment team is happy to help you in all matters about the day care fees and income.

Tel. 08 558 45300. Phone service from Tuesday to Thursday from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. Choose number 2.