Dental Care

To make a dental appointment call 08 5584 6430

The line is open Mon–Thu 7.45 am – 4 pm, Fri 7.45 am – 3 pm.

In urgent cases, please call on weekdays between 7.45 am – 10 am. In non-urgent cases, call after 10 am. The appointments are made based on assessment of treatment need.

Private dental clinics also provide dental services in Oulu.

Emergency dental services

On weekdays, you can contact the dental clinic at you own health clinic in cases of acute pain. To make a dental appointment, call 08 5584 6430.

Weekend and public holidays: emergency dental care is available at Aapistie 3, 10 am - 3 pm, tel. 044 7036 426.

At other times and in cases involving serious injury, please contact the joint emergency duty service, tel. 08 3152 655.