Educational visits

Educational visits

Education from Oulu, Finland – learn from the innovators!

Have you heard about the educational work done in Oulu? The City of Oulu is a prominent provider of high-quality education in Finland. Our mission is to promote the overall well-being of individuals and society. We work in different levels of education from early childhood to upper secondary and adult education.

We have 90 public early childhood education units, 46 comprehensive schools, and 11 upper secondary schools. The City of Oulu and our schools are the innovative forerunners of teaching philosophies in Northern Finland.

We at the City’s Educational & Cultural Services want to share our knowledge and experiences with you. We proudly represent one of the top-ranked education systems in the world. Interested in our services? Read more below.

Regional collab­o­ration and cooperation through the PINO Network

We are part of the regional PINO Network, which helps you to find partners in global education development from all levels of education – directly from the Oulu region.

Interested in learning from and with us? Leave a request or get in touch.

Contact details

Ms. Kristiina Kangas
Senior Planning Officer
tel. +358 40 1596210, kristiina.kangas[at]

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