If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information

Emergency Services

Contact your local health clinic during office hours, Mon–Thu 8 am–4 pm, Fri 8 am–3 pm. In the case of sudden illness or minor injury, a nurse or physician at your own health clinic can help you.

Outside office hours, please contact joint emergency duty service of the Oulu region tel. 116 117
Oulu University Hospital, Kajaanintie 50, Entrance A1

Call the above number before leaving for hospital. The call is answered by a nurse who gives instructions and assesses the need of emergency care.

The phone numbers of Emergency Medical Services are for urgent medical cases.

Crisis help provided by health clinics

You can contact your health clinic if you need crisis help. The City of Oulu has a multiprofessional crisis group that provides support in the case of acute traumatic crisis, such as serious close calls or the death of a loved one by suicide or accident.

Emergency dental services

Emergency number: 112
(no dialling code)

When making an emergency call:

  • Explain what has happened and where.
  • Give the exact address and location of the incident.
  • Answer all questions calmly.
  • Listen to all instructions carefully.
  • Do not disconnect the call until the operator tells you to do so.
  • Do not make other calls with the phone after disconnecting, as the emergency services may try to call you back for more information.

Help is being sent out even as you speak.