Enrolling in School

All schools offering basic education in Oulu have a designated area from which they accept children. Schools are divided to four school district (Northern, Eastern, Central and Western). Pupils enrol in a school in their school district.

Enrolment in the first grade takes place in January every year. Children born in 2011 will be enrolled in school by a parent or carer between 15 January and 26 January 2018 using Wilma Application in the Internet. 

Application to Oulu International School > Application to OIS and forms

More information on enrolment, please e-mail: perusopetus[at]ouka.fi

To enrol outside the standard enrolment period, please contact the head of regional services.

Pupils can also apply to schools outside their school district. Pupils are mainly accepted from the local school district, but pupils from other districts can also be accepted if there are extra school places.

City-run schools providing basic education only accept pupils who reside in Oulu. However, pupils from other municipalities may be accepted into schools for children with special needs and Oulu International School, in accordance with the agreement between the municipalities.

The contact details of all Oulu schools providing basic education and the head of regional services