Enrolling in School


All schools offering basic education in Oulu have a designated area from which they accept children. Schools are divided to four school district (Northern, Eastern, Central and Western). 

To the local school

A decision about the local school will be made for every new first-grader, i.e. children born in 2014 and living in Oulu, based on their address. In other words, the official address entered into the Population Register Centre records determines the local school.

The decision regarding school place will be published on Wilma on 29 January 2021. The decision letter will be posted on 29 January 2021 to those preferring the decision in writing. Oulu University Teacher Training School (Oulun normaalikoulu) will send the decision in writing to parents and carers of children whose local school Oulun normaalikoulu is.

Applying to other than the local school

You can apply for a school place also outside the catchment area. Apply for a place also if you already know that your son’s or daughter’s address will change during the spring or summer.

An application for enrolment to an out-of-catchment school shall be submitted between 29 January and 12 February 2021 using a separate form Hakemus muuhun kuin lähikouluun ensimmäiselle luokalle (An enrolment application to an out-of-catchment school for the 1st grade) on Wilma. The form is on tab Applications and Decisions (Hakemukset ja päätökset in Finnish).

To apply for a place in Oulun normaalikoulu, fill out an application Hakemus koulunkäynnistä muussa kuin lähikoulussa (An application for out-of-catchment school).

City-run schools providing basic education only accept pupils who reside in Oulu. However, pupils from other municipalities may be accepted into schools for children with special needs and Oulu International School, in accordance with the agreement between the municipalities.

Application to Oulu International School > Application to OIS and forms

Christian School of Oulu, Steiner School of Oulu, Taikatahti School and Swedish-speaking Svenska Privatskolan i Uleåborg admit pupils of all locations in Oulu. The schools decide independently of their pupil admissions. Oulu International School has an entrance test for all applicants.

More information on enrolment, please e-mail: primustuki[at]ouka.fi

To enrol outside the standard enrolment period, please contact the head of regional services (aluepäällikkö in Finnish).

The contact details of all Oulu schools providing basic education and the head of regional services

Afternoon care

Afternoon care is for 1st and 2nd graders and other pupils entitled to special support whose parents are at work or studying. A monthly fee is charged which includes a daily snack.

The afternoon activity application shall be submitted onto Wilma between 1 January and 15 February 2021.

Read more: Afternoon care


Oulussa koulussa - perusopetuksen opas huoltajille

Oulussa koulussa - Perusopetuksen opas huoltajille 2021-2022 kansikuva.

Oulussa koulussa - Perusopetuksen opas huoltajille 2021-2022 (pdf) (Basic education guide in Finnish)