Pohde logo.The reform of health, social and rescue services    

Healthcare, social welfare, and rescue services will move from the responsibility of the City of Oulu to the wellbeing services county of North Ostrobothnia (Pohde) from the beginning of 2023. Read more about the reform (pohde.fi)

Family Support and Child Welfare

Support is provided to families in Oulu at different stages of life. Help is available if families or couples have problems or if parents have concerns about their children or adolescents.

To get help or advice, you can contact child health and maternity clinic or family counselling office, for example.

The family counselling office provides help on problems related to the growth and development of children and adolescents as well as on problems faced by families with children and couples.

If you have concerns about the growth and well-being of a child, please contact Child Protection. Anyone can contact Child Protection if they are concerned about a child or family, e.g. due to drug use, mental health problems or neglect.

Family Counselling

Telephone 040 650 6014 on Mon – Fri 10 am –12 noon

Child Protection

Non-urgent matters
Child Protection Need Assessment Team

Telephone number
044 703 6114

Urgent matters

Child Protection Emergency Duty
Telephone number
044 703 6235

If they can't answer, please call emergency number 112.