Food control ensures the safety of foodstuffs and handling them and protects consumers from health hazards and financial losses caused by foodstuffs.

The Environment Office supervises the production, storage, transportation, import and export, sales, marketing, handling and serving or other forms of conveyance of foodstuffs. 

The Oulu Environment Office offers instructions on food-related matters, when you

  • are setting a business in the food branch
  • are setting up a place of first arrivals
  • suspect food poisoning
  • are looking for information on matters related to package labelling
  • want to report an issue with the quality of a food product or other similar matter

Read more about foodstuff from Ruokavirasto's website, please.

More information about setting up and operating a food company


Environment Office of the Oulu Region

Visiting address
Solistinkatu 2
90140 Oulu

Postal address
Environment Office of the Oulu Region
PO Box 34
90015 City of Oulu

Telephone number
(08) 558 410 (switchboard)
044 703 6700 (environmental health care helpline, weekdays 9-15)
044 703 6790 (environmental protection helpline and supervision number, weekdays 9-15)

E-mail address

(08) 557 1490

Hailuoto, Kempele, Liminka, Lumijoki, Muhos, Oulu, Tyrnävä