Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Oulu

Total emissions

The greenhouse gas emissions of the City of Oulu in 2017, if converted in CO2, made up a total of about 1,385,800 tonnes (CO2-equivalent), which amounts to 6,9 tonnes per capita. Total emissions consist of the emissions by industry, residents and services. Industrial emissions are regulated by international treaties and the emissions trading system.

Total greenhouse gas emissions and emissions per capita 2010-2017. The figures for 2018 are advance information, the final figures are not yet available. The amount of emissions and annual variation depend on active measures to decrease the release of emissions as well as the weather and fuels used in energy production, financial trends affecting the industry and other events in society. 


Greenhouse gas emissions by residents and services

Distribution of greenhouse gas emissions, excluding the industry in 2017 (CO2 report).

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