Asahi class

Guided Exercise

The City of Oulu arranges guided exercise for children and families, young people, adults and the elderly. Services are also provided for people with special needs.

Guided exercise is usually available from September to May; however, various exercise courses are also available during the summer.

For more information on swimming classes and other guided exercise provided by the City, please telephone 044 703 8015.

In addition to City-provided activities, various sports clubs and private gyms also organise sports and exercise classes for people of all ages.

Baby swimming courses

Oulu organises baby swimming courses both in Oulu swimming pool in Raksila and Vesi-Jatuli in Haukipudas.
Read baby swimming information in Oulu here. 
Link to upcoming courses and registration.

For more information please contact us by e-mail either Oulu vauvauinti(at) or Vesi-Jatuli vauvauintijatuli(at)

See also our swimming pool websites.

Sport advice

If you need tips and advice how to do sports in Oulu, please contact Sport Services telephone 044 703 6600.

Sport Services also arrange sport advice especially for people with immigrant backgrounds. If you are interested about that, please call 044 703 8042.

Courses for women with immigrant background

There are several courses, like water sport courses, for women with immigrant backgrounds yearly from August/September until May. For more information please contact Virpi Markuksela virpi.markuksela(at) or 044 703 8042.