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Health clinics

Health clinics are open from Mon - Thu 8 am – 4 pm, Fri 8 am – 3 pm. Non-urgent matters: please avoid calling during peak hours (8 am – 9 am and 11 am – 12 noon).

Acute reception

You can visit all the health clinics receptions without calling in advance or having an appointment. Take a waiting number from the hall and you will be called to the nurse. The doctor will join the reception if necessary. You may also make an appointment by Oulu Self care.

Sometimes we can´t give any more waiting numbers in the afternoon hours because of so many visitors. After that only patients with immediate need of treatment will be treated that day.

You can visit health clinics for example for these reasons:

• flu symptoms
• sore throat
• sinus symptoms
• eye infection symptoms
• pain in the ear
• allergy symptoms
• back pain
• gynecological problems
• rashes
• headache
• stomach ache
• wounds
• minor injuries
• vaccinations
• stitches removal

In emergency situations, please contact the emergency response center, tel. 112.

The laboratory appointments 0206 19 80 19.
Advice for laboratory appointment: 08 558 44355.

X-ray appointment for your health center number and the Oulu self-care.

Appointments to childrens clinic call 08 558 44356, (children under 6 years) as well as the Oulu self-care.

Evenings, nights and weekends: contact joint emergency duty service of the Oulu region.

Health clinic is determined based on your address. You may also choose another ealth clinic if you wish. The health clinics will inform you in this matter.

More freedom of choice 

From January 2014, municipal residents may select their healthcare centre. You commit to the choise for at least one year. You may also choose a health clinic from a neighbouring minicipality.

A written notification of the selection has to be submitted to the healthcare centre. Information will be transfered to the selected municipality's healthcare centre within three weeks of receiving the notification. Please do ask for more information from your health clinic.

  • The European Health Insurance card only covers necessary medical treatment in the public sector.
  • Immigrants with a Kela Card have the right to use the health care services provided by the city.
  • Employed persons are entitled to occupational health-care (check what services are covered by your employer)
  • Health services for immigrants who entered the country as refugees and returnees

Healthcare centres and wellness centres

All appointments Mon–Thu 8 am–4 pm, Fri 8 am–3 pm.

Simppulantie 15, Tel. 08 558 54600

Pesätie 11, Tel. 08 558 44510

Kalevalantie 5, Tel. 08 558 44228

Terveystie 1, Tel. 08 8193 311

Kajaanintie 46 A, Tel. 08 558 44333

Karvarinaukio 16, Tel. 08 558 44366

Kauppiaantie 10, Tel. 08 558 73401

Ruiskukkatie 4, Tel. 08 558 44428

Kangastie 12, Tel. 08 558 44477

Kirkkokuja 2Tel. 08 558 58280

Vesaisenlinnantie 2, Tel. 08 558 70722

Hanhitie 15, Tel. 08 558 44200


Student health care
Kajaanintie 46A, 3.floor,
Mon 8 am–4 pm, Tue 8 am–4 pm, Wed 8 am–2 pm,
Thu 8 am–4 pm, Fri 8 am–2 pm
Tel. 08 558 46310
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Mental Health Services
044 703 5940


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