Hobbies and events

Young people often get together after school to take part in various after-school clubs and activities and meet in city centre cafés or youth centres. In youth centres, you can play games or just have a cup of coffee and chat with your friends. You are always welcome to Youth centre also by yourself Youth centre is a great place to meet new friends. 

All activities are free of charge and professional youth workers are always present to supervise and guide activities. They help young people in all problems and often work in cooperation with the parents or guardians of children and young people.

Youth organisations, sports clubs, non-profit organisations and schools organise a range of activities for young people. All City-run sports facilities, such as swimming pools, the ice rink, sports fields and halls and jogging tracks are either free or available for a small charge. To find out about activities provided by sports clubs and organisations, read their advertisements in local papers. You can also turn to your school or the Youth Information and Counselling Centre Nappi for help.

You can borrow books, records and other material from the library for a fixed period with a library card. To obtain a library card, you need to complete a registration form at the library and agree to adhere to the library rules and terms. Books in different languages located in the main library, for example, can also be borrowed through your local library. Library services in Finland are mostly free. Some services are provided for a small fee.

During the weekends many young people spend time with their friends in the city centre. Restaurants that serve alcohol only allow entry for people over 18 years of age. However, schools and youth centres organise discos for young people under 18.

Youth Café Bysis is an alcohol- and drug-free meeting place for all young people under 18. It is a popular place where young people from different cultures and countries meet to play billiards and other games. Various clubs and events are also organised. For more details, please ask the café staff. All young people who are under the age of 18 and sober are welcome.

There are 20 Youth centres in Oulu where all children and youngsters aged 7 to 17 are welcome. Check more details in Youth centres own websites (in Finnish).

By law, people under 18 years of age cannot purchase or possess alcohol or tobacco in Finland, and all substances classified as drugs are illegal.

Youth organisations

There are dozens of organisations for young people in Oulu. They offer a variety of sports and recreational activities for children and young people. They also give young people the chance to have their say in social matters. 

More information of youth organisations and contact persons (in Finnish).

Local youth organisations can apply for grants. Organisations and youth groups can also hire premises, such as youth centre facilities and camp centres, for free.


X-on – autumn holiday sports event

Every year there is the X-on sports event during the autumn school holiday in October. It provides children and young people with a variety of different sports and exercise opportunities and allows them to try out different sports and hobbies. Participation is free.

Other events