Housing Types

The city offers a wide range of reasonably priced housing options for local residents - owner-occupied housing, rented housing and right of residence housing in both multi-storey buildings and in detached houses.

There are about 10,000 state- subsidized rental flats and some 1,700 right-of-occupancy dwellings. Housing entities that own rental housing also offer non-subsidised rental flats. The largest landlord in the City of Oulu is Sivakka-yhtymä Oy.

The housing types available in Oulu are owner-occupied housing, rented housing, right-of-occupancy housing and part-ownership housing.

Rented Housing

There are both state-subsidized rental apartments and rental apartments financed on the open market. The residents to the state-subsidized housing are chosen according to the applicant's need of housing, income and wealth.

Sivakka is the largest landlord and the official rental apartment provider of the City of Oulu. In addition to Sivakka, there are many companies, communities and private persons offering rented housing. Other state-subsidized rented housing providers in Oulu can be found in the List of rented housing providers.

Right-of-occupancy housing

Right-of-occupancy housing is a mix between rental and owner-occupied housing. You can live in right-of-occupancy apartment after paying the right-of-occupancy fee, which is approximately 15 % of the original purchase price of the apartment. You will also pay a monthly maintenance charge, similar to rent.

In order to get the right-of-occupancy apartment, you need a queue number. After getting a number, you can contact the owner of the right-of-occupancy apartment that you want to apply for.

Owner-occupied housing

Owner-occupied housing for sale can be searched on developer and real estate agent websites and other web services.

Housing for students and young people

Housing for students and young people in Oulu is rented out by PSOAS, (the Foundation for Student Housing in Northern Finland) Otokylä and Osnakodit.

Housing for special groups

The City offers housing to people who need special assistance. Assistance in housing is also available, for example, for housekeeping.

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