Immigrant Education

Preparatory instruction for comprehensive school

The City of Oulu offers preparatory education for migrant children whose Finnish language skills are not on a sufficient level to study in a mainstream class. The preparatory education classes are located in Kaukovainio School, Koskela School, Myllyoja School, Paulaharju School,  Rajakylä School (grades 1–6) and in Kastelli School, Kaukovainio School, Merikoski School and Rajakylä School (grades 7–9).

The primary target of preparatory education is that students are able to study and function in Finnish language, so that they can gradually integrate into mainstream education classes. During the preparatory education students study all subjects in Finnish to become familiar with Finnish vocabulary. They will learn basic terms and also get acquainted with the Finnish culture, the Finnish environment and everyday life. Full integration is usually attained within a year, after which students continue their studies in a mainstream education class.

In some cases migrant students may be placed into the mainstream classes as part of inclusive education. In this case students study at a school closest to their homes.

Studies after preparatory education

Further support is provided for students after preparatory education by teaching them Finnish as a second language as well as their mother tongue and their own religion. Students are also entitled for remedial teaching.

Teaching students’ mother tongue

Students are able to study their mother tongue two hours per week, provided that there are at least six pupils studying the same language in a group.

The objectives, contents, and assessment of the pupil’s learning in the instruction in his or her mother tongue complementing basic education (Core curriculum for basic education, 2014)

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For further information,

please contact the Coordinator of Migrants´ Education
Mr. Antti Koistinen, tel. + 358 50 3886808, antti.koistinen(at)