Are you planning on moving to Oulu? Moving to a new country or city involves practical issues which you should know about. The City of Oulu and various organisations and co-operation partners provide services for immigrants.

Welcome to Oulu - Guide for foreigners (pdf)
The guide is full of information on the services provided by the City of Oulu.
> The guide in English (pdf)
The guide in Russian (pdf)

Schools and education
Information for immigrants about children's education and native language teaching and education

The Multicultural youth work arrangees peer group activities for young people.

Oulu City library is a centre for the arts, information and culture, open for everybody. Oulu has a main library and 21 local libraries. The libraries have books in various languages, for adults and kids alike.

Info Bank
The website contains important information for immigrants on Finnish society and opportunities in 13 languages.  Local information on Oulu can be found in Finnish, English, Estonian, Somalian, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.
The Finnish Ministry of Finance online service contains a wide range of information on Finnish culture and public services.


The pages of Info Bank contain important basic information for immigrants. Information in 5 languages about Oulu and 13 languages about Finland.

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