Invoicing Instructions - City of Oulu - Oulun kaupunki

City of Oulu Invoicing Intructions

The City of Oulu (Business ID 0187690-1, VAT number FI01876901) accepts only e-invoices (City Board decision 24 May 2010 §35).

If you are unable to send e-invoices from your invoicing system, you can deliver your invoices electronically through the Supplier Portal (see number 2). The supplier portal requires a business ID.

The city only accepts paper invoices in exceptional cases.

The City of Oulu invoicing addresses will change on on the 1st of December 2014.

>>> List of invoicing addresses and instructions (pdf)

Do not combine bills to different city departments or public utilities in one invoice. The invoices must always include as reference all the relevant information given by the unit who has placed the order, e.g. order number or the name of the person to check the invoice. Do not send contracts, invitations, brochures or advertising to the invoicing addresses but deliver them to the delivery addresses of the purchaser.

The purchase invoices and accounts payable are managed by human resource and financial administration service centre Monetra Oy. If you have questions concerning purchase invoices please email or call the accounts payable service number +358 44 703 0770.

1. E-invoicing information
eInvoice operator: Basware Oyj
Operator code: BAWCFI22
E-invoicing address OVT code: OVT codes for each department/ public utility service

2. Sending invoices through the supplier portal

If your company is not able to send e-invoices we offer you the opportunity to use the Supplier portal maintained by Basware. Through this browser based Supplier portal you can deliver your invoices to us in electronic format easily, without any charge.
You can register as a new supplier in the Supplier portal at

Select the department or the public utility that you are invoicing.

3. Invoicing address
City of Oulu (obligatory)
Name of the department or public utility service (obligatory)
An eventual department determiner (e.g. Oulu-Opisto)
The department / public utility serial number (obligatory)
PO BOX 861
00019 SSC

>>>More detailed invoicing addresses in pdf-document

The invoicing address must be shown in the recipient field of the invoice both in the e-invoice and in the paper invoice. The detailed addresses of the departments are at the end of this bulletin. If you cannot include the determiner in the invoicing address, it must appear somewhere else on the invoice.

Only invoices and requests of payment can be mailed to the address above. Other materials (such as brochures or price lists) must be sent to the delivery addresses.