City of Oulu Invoicing Instructions

Sending an invoice to the City of Oulu

The City of Oulu (Business ID 0187690-1, VAT number FI01876901) only receives e-invoices or invoices filed through the free supplier portal. The invoice must show that the invoice is addressed to the City of Oulu. In addition, the invoice must show the name of the administrative branch or public utility of the City of Oulu to which the invoice is addressed. Costs incurred by different administrative branches and public utilities cannot be combined on the same invoice.

Invoicing addresses vary by administrative branch and public utility as follows:

City of Oulu (obligatory)

Name of the administrative branch or public enterprise, see list below (obligatory)

EDI ID, which varies, see list below (required)

P.O. Box 5016 (obligatory)

02066 DOCUSCAN (obligatory)


E-invoice forwarding information:

• E-invoice operator: CGI Suomi Oy

• Operator ID: 003703575029

• The recipient's e-invoice address (EDI code) varies by administrative branch and public utility:

  • Central administration: 0037018769011107
  • Educational and cultural services: 003701876901110
  • Urban and environmental services: 0037018769011106
  • Building control: 0037018769011106
  • Business Oulu Public Utility: 003701876901300
  • Oulun Tilapalvelut Public Utility: 00370187690145
  • Oulun Infra Public Utility: 00370187690146
  • Building assets balance sheet unit: 00370187690181
  • Oulu Regional Environmental Office Public Utility: 003701876901240
  • Oulun Vesi Public Utility: 003701876901150
  • Development fund: 003701876901800
  • Oulu Valistustalo fund: 00370187690179

Submitting e-invoices through the supplier portal

Submitting e-invoices through the supplier portal to the aforementioned administrative branches / public utilities:

  • If your company is unable to submit e-invoices, you can send an e-invoice to the City of Oulu free of charge through the supplier portal.
  • If you wish to use the service, please first contact
  • You will receive your access credentials by email (the email is sent by the CGI supplier portal). Thereafter you may log on to supplier portal at address Please first fill in the details of your company in the Settings tab, after which you can create an invoice.
  •  Further instructions for using the portal can be found at:

Invoice reference information

invoices must always contain the reference information provided by the purchaser, on the basis of which the invoice can be directed to the correct verifier. If an invoice does not contain the required information, it may be returned to the sender. The correct invoice information makes it possible to pay the invoice in a timely manner.

  • branch ID (e.g. Kaakkuri School or Oulu Symphony Orchestra) or, alternatively, a delivery or postal address. More detailed information:
  • name of the invoice verifier (primarily in the Your Reference field)
  • cost centre or project identifier (primarily in the Your Reference field)
  • order code, as listed on the purchase order form, starts with the letters OT
  • contract number, if the invoice is based on an existing contract

Other mail

Any other mail, such as contracts or invoices containing confidential information, must be sent by physical mail to the address provided by the purchaser.

Our purchase invoices are processed by Monetra Oulu Oy, a service centre for financial and HR management. We are happy to provide additional information and you can contact us by e-mail: