Multicultural Youth Work

Peer group activities for immigrants and minorities

The multicultural youth work organised by the Youth Affairs Department arranges peer group activities for young people with immigrant backgrounds and young people from minority groups. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out what we currently have to offer.

Multicultural youth work

The multicultural youth work of The Centre of Youth Affairs promotes intercultural communication and equality, and aims to prevent racism and discrimination. We provide support for the integration of young people with immigrant backgrounds.

Multicultural youth work aims to

  • support integration of immigrant youth
  • promote local services
  • develop services for minorities (ethnic or other)
  • organise and implement anti-racism and anti-discrimination activities
  • arrange peer group activities, events, and training

Our employees are trained professionals in the youth sector. Youth Services of the City of Oulu is a reliable regional and national collaboration partner. We are constantly updating the youth services in Oulu through dynamic development activities.

For more information, please contact Multicultural Youth Work Coordinator, sari.lahdenpera[at], tel. 044 703 8245