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Oulu was victorius with the Chaos Challenge in the Eurocities awards

The City of Oulu was among the three winning cities in the 2018 Eurocities awards at November 29th, when the Chaos Challenge of the Community - Led Local Development in the City of Oulu (ESF) took home the win in the participation category. The Chaos Challenge is a tool for urban development and progressive procurement and it effectively helps the city to create new solutions and services with local NGOs.


In the jury’s conclusion, the Chaos Challenge was praised for the way it is the citizens of Oulu who propose, create and establish creative and cultural solutions to issues they themselves perceive within their city. The jury found it also praiseworthy that co-creation is at the heart of the projects the CHAOS Challenge funds, enhacinhing the trust between the city and its citizens and enriching Oulu’s culture with sustainable projects that promote a deeper understanding between all levels of society.


This is the third winning project for the City of Oulu, the earlier winning years being 2003 and 2011. More information and official press photos can be found at the Eurocities website.




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