Phenomena from Oulu - City of Oulu - Oulun kaupunki

Progress across borders

Everything is possible in a technology-oriented city, and the IT know-how available in Oulu also benefits the city's culture. You can reserve theatre tickets by touching posters with an NFC-enabled smartphone, interact with UBI displays in downtown Oulu and access a free wireless network that covers a wide area. All this is well-known to Oulu residents and visitors alike. People from Oulu are known for their innovative approach and courage to try new things.

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Festivals with and without a guitar

There are various annual national and international festivals organised in Oulu representing different arts. The most famous are the Oulu International Children's Film Festival and the Oulu Music Video Festival, with its annual Air Guitar World Championships.

Dynamic film industry centre

The good reputation of the Oulu Region in the film and media industries continues to grow. Industry professionals in the region make it possible to realise large collaborative productions, such as the internationally acclaimed Valo film, which competed in several international festivals. Valo was produced by Oulu-based Periferia Productions.

POEM, The Northern Film and Media Foundation, is an audiovisual production resource centre in Northern Finland. The POEM Foundation coordinates the development of cultural activities in the film and audiovisual sector in the Oulu audiovisual network. The network consists of the Oulu Music Video Festival, Oulu Film Centre, Valve Film School and the Science Centre Tietomaa.

Pikisaari – a cultural oasis

Pikisaari is an idyllic, priceless and lively part of Oulu city centre. This lively and dynamic cultural oasis, with its many activities, is an important part of Oulu's city culture and cultural offering. Many artists and craftspeople call the island home, and it is a frequent destination for locals who want to show their visitors something novel and unique to Oulu.