The preschool year is an important phase in a child´s life. Preschool education supports child´s individual learning. A child learns by doing and playing together with other children. Preschool education follows its own curriculum, which is based on the National Core Curriculum.

Preschool in Oulu school year 2021-2022

If your child is born in 2015, he/she can start preschool on 16 of August 2021. The duration of preschool is 4 hours per day for the period of 16 August 2021 to 31 May 2022. For the most part, preschool schedules are similar to school schedules.

According to Basic Education Act a child must take part in a year long preschool or other activity that fulfils the goals of preschool one year before the beginning of basic education. Taking part in preschool education is not compulsory, but parents themselves can organize the education so that preschool goals will be fulfilled. The responsibility of attendance is on the guardian.

According to the amendment in the early childhood education law in 2016 a preschool aged child has a right to attend part time early education activity in addition to free preschool education, if the child´s guardians work or study full-time or work as businessmen. A child can attend the part-time education also, if it is necessary for her/his development or she/he needs support or the family conditions require it. 


Preschool terms and holidays 2021-2022

Autumn term  16.8. - 22.12.2021
Spring term 10.1. - 31.5.2022

Preschool education is not provided:

  • Autumn holiday 25. - 30.10.2021 (week 43)
  • Independence Day 6.12.2021
  • Christmas holiday 23.12.2021 - 9.1.2022
  • Winter holiday 7. - 13.3.2022 (week 10)
  • Easter holiday 15. - 18.4.2022
  • Holy Thursday (and following friday) 26.-27.5.2022

Transportation application

Transportation application for free-of-charge preschool education (pdf)

Further information

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