Public Safety

Remember the emergency numbers!

  • 112 General emergency number
  • 02 041 000 Sea rescue emergency number
  • 09 471 977 Poison Information Centre

Call the general emergency number 112 for help in urgent cases of genuine emergency. This number connects you to the fire department, ambulance services, police, emergency social services, and sea rescue.

There is no area code in an emergency number. The number is always the same, even when calling from a mobile phone. Emergency calls are free of charge.

Further details of the Emergency Response Centre are available on its website: (In English) service – public safety and order

The website provides the most important basic information on public safety and order in Finland.

Oulu-Koillismaa department for rescue services

The main legal duties of the department for rescue services include preventing fires and accidents, putting out fires, organising rescue operations in cases of accident and danger, and civil defence.
The Department is also responsible for ambulance services in Hailuoto, Ii, Kempele and Oulu and it organises first response operations supporting ambulance services in ten municipalities.
Oulu-Koillismaa department for rescue services website (In Finnish)


The Oulu Police Department is responsible for maintaining public order and security, issuing permits and managing lost property in the City of Oulu and 13 surrounding districts. The Police operate from the main police station in Oulu, and from branch police stations in Haukipudas and Liminka. Police services are also available at service points in Muhos and Vaala.
Website of the Oulu police Department

Emergency Medical Services

Social and Health Services > Emergency Medical Services
This website provides details of public on-call medical services and emergency numbers.

Emergency Response Centre

The Emergency Response Centre Administration is the first link in a chain of assistance and safety services. It also serves as a communication centre for the rescue, police, social, and health services, supporting and assisting their active units. Emergency Response Centres provide help in urgent cases of genuine emergency where a person's life, health, property or the environment are endangered or threatened, or if there is good reason to suspect this.

Sea rescue

Sea rescue means saving and securing human lives in cases of emergency or danger at sea. This involves a wide range of duties, such as assisting ships and boats in distress, accident prevention, search and rescue of missing persons, and ambulance transportation on sea and in the archipelago.