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Social Work Aimed at Adults Social Work Aimed at Adults

Social work aimed at adults promotes the social well-being, functional ability and independent coping of people aged 18-64 facing different problems.

You can contact social services if

  • you need support with coping and planning your daily life
  • you are unemployed and need guidance with matters related to employment services (e.g. rehabilitative work)
  • you have housing problems or are homeless
  • your life is complicated by mental health problems or substance abuse
  • in the event of a sudden crisis
  • you need guidance and advice on social security and services.

Guidance and advice on social services is available at the Mäkelininkatu office on weekdays, 9 am -3 pm.

Telephone: 050 575 0457
Street address: Kajaanintie 46 A and 48 A-B