Sport Centres and Fields

The sports centres and fields located in different parts of the city can be used for football, volleyball, basketball, Finnish baseball and floorball in the summer. Athletes and skateboarders can also use the sports centres and fields.

In the winter, the same areas are used by skaters and ice hockey, bandy (iceball) and rink bandy players.

Some specific times are reserved for clubs and associations at the sports centres and fields, but these facilities are open to the general public at all other times.

The only outdoor artificial ice rink in Oulu is located at the Raksila Sports Centre.

Sports centres and fields:

Castren Sports Centre
Paulaharjuntie 43, 90530 Oulu
Sports: American football, football, ice hockey and ice skating.

Heinäpää Sports Centre
Nuottasaarentie 12, 90440 Oulu
Sports: football, skateboarding, athletics, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, rink bandy and snow boarding.

Hiironen Sports Park
Urheilupuistontie, 90250 Oulu
Sports: fitness, frisbee golf, athletics, cross-country skiing

Hollihaka Sports Park
Hollihaka park 
Sports: fitness, parkour, skateboarding

Hovinsuo Sports Park
Hintankuja 3, 90650 Oulu
Sports: skateboarding, football, Finnish baseball, athletics, ice hockey, cross-country skiing and ice skating.

Kaakkuri Sports Centre
Kaakonpojankuja 10, 90420 Oulu
Sports: football, Finnish baseball, cross-country skiing, ice hockey and ice skating.

Kuusisaari Sports Park
Sports: fitness, pump track, beach volley, jogging/walking track 

Lintula Sports Centre
Kaislakuja, 90160 Oulu
Sports: football, Finnish baseball, bandy, ice hockey, tennis and athletics.

Maikkula Sports Centre
Niemirannantie 9, 90240 Oulu
Sports: football, Finnish baseball, ice hockey and athletics.

Niittyaro Sports Centre
Kaarnatie, 90560 Oulu
Sports: Finnish baseball, skateboarding, cricket, speed-skating and ice skating,

Pateniemi Sports Centre
Sahantie, 90800 Oulu
Sports: football, American football, athletics, ice hockey and ice skating.

Raatti Sports Centre
Raatintie 2, 90100 Oulu
Sports: athletics, football, Finnish baseball and ice skating.

Talvikkipuisto Sports Centre
Tervakukkatie 54, 90580 Oulu
Sports: football, ice hockey, ice skating, skateboarding and athletics.

Raksila Sports Centre:

Baseball Stadium
Ylioppilaantie, 90100 Oulu
Sports: Finnish baseball, cross-country skiing and ice skating.

Firestation Shooting Range
Pikkukankaantie 2, 90100 Oulu
Sports: airgun disciplines and small-bore rifle/pistol training.

Firestation Exercise Hall
Pikkukankaantie 2, 90100 Oulu
The facilities are mainly meant for floorball and Finnish baseball training.

Oulu Hall (Ouluhalli)
Ylioppilaantie 4, 90100 Oulu
Sports: football, basketball, volleyball, Finnish baseball, badminton, floorball, athletics, gym training, gymnastics, apparatus gymnastics and American football

Oulu Ice Hall (Oulun jäähalli)
Teuvo Pakkalan katu 11, 90100 Oulu
Sports: ice hockey, rink bandy and figure skating

Oulu Swimming Pool (Oulun uimahalli)
Pikkukankaantie 3, 90100 Oulu
As well as the pool area, there is a gym, sports hall and facilities for judo and boxing

Raksila Artificial Ice Rink
Teuvo Pakkalan katu, 90100 Oulu
Sports: bandy, ice skating, basketball and rollerskating.

Raatti stadium by night