Sustainability in Culture

The green agenda for the cultural sector includes more than waste sorting, energy renovation of buildings, preferring train travel over air travel or tap water over water in plastic bottles, and other factual initiatives that can be shown in numbers in an Excel sheet. The cultural sector needs to pursue its own green agenda by defining what sustainability means to it. The project examine a bottom-up approach to what effect and influence the cultural sector can have on a society that wants to be sustainable and creates the greater understanding of different aspects of sustainability. The main aim of the project is to find out what is the unique role that culture can play in a sustainable and green agenda.


Basic info about the project

- The project runs from December 2021 to December 2022. 

- The project is funded by the Nordic Culture Fund and led by the Central Denmark EU Office in Brussels. 

- The Danish partners are the cultural team in the Central Denmark Region, Aarhus-based theatre Svalegangen and theatre and residence centre Secret Hotel North of Aarhus. 

- The Swedish partners are Västra Götaland Region and Nordiska Akvarellmuseet. 

- The Finnish partners are the City of Oulu Events Services and Kokardiklubi.

Contact information

Taina Ronkainen, Project Manager,, +358 40 621 1249

Janita Jämsén, Project Coordinator,, +358 50 361 7924

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