Urban and Environmental Services

The Urban and Environmental Services is an expert organisation which is responsible for the application of the city's land and housing policies, land acquisition and ownership, city planning and traffic, and environmental planning and implementation.

The City of Oulu provides the foundation for a high-quality, safe, and welcoming community structure, living and environment as well as for service construction.

It promotes the success, diversity, and international opportunities of businesses and enhances the city's development as a natural logistics centre.


Oulu Technical Public Utility (Oulun tekninen liikelaitos, website in Finnish) is responsible for the maintenance and construction of city buildings, parks, and streets.

Oulu Facilities Centre (Oulun Tilakeskus, website only in Finnish) designs, builds, and maintains public buildings and offices.

Urban and Environmental Services

Visiting address
Solistinkatu 2, 90140 Oulu

Telephone number
08 558 410