Upper Secondary Education

After comprehensive education, applications may be made to upper secondary schools and vocational institutes. Upper secondary education lasts two to four years and the schools are non-graded (not divided into forms).

The purpose of general upper secondary education is to give students an all-round education. The final examination in the general upper secondary education institutes is the national matriculation examination. In Oulu, about 60 % of pupils start in a general upper secondary education institute after their basic education.

Upper secondary schools

The City of Oulu Department of Education runs ten general upper secondary schools for young people and one general upper secondary school - Oulun aikuislukio - primarily for adults. Classes of the adult institute are usually in the evenings.

Oulu University Teacher Training School Oulun normaalikoulun lukio, privately-owned Svenska Privatskolan i Uleåborg (for Swedish-speaking students) and Oulun steinerkoulu also locate in Oulu.

In Oulu, you can complete general upper secondary education also in English in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme of the Oulun Lyseo Upper Secondary School.

The contact details of all Oulu general upper secondary education institutes.


Online applications to all general upper secondary education institutes in Finland are submitted at Studyinfo.fi every FebruaryMarch.

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