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Healthcare, social welfare, and rescue services will move from the responsibility of the City of Oulu to the wellbeing services county of North Ostrobothnia (Pohde) from the beginning of 2023. Read more about the reform (pohde.fi)


Read information about Vaccinations agains Coronavirus

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Children and young people

All children in Finland are vaccinated against contagious diseases free of charge. Some of the diseases against which children are vaccinated are nowadays rare in Finland, thanks to the vaccination programme. All diseases against which the children are vaccinated are serious illnesses. An unvaccinated child may be permanently impaired or may even die from any of the diseases.

Children under school age are given age-appropriate vaccinations at child health clinics. School-age children are vaccinated at school health clinics.


Basic vaccinations provided free of charge for adults (tetanus, diphtheria and MPR (=measles, mumps, and rubella)) as well as prescriptions for other vaccinations not provided free of charge can be obtained from occupational health care or health clinics.


The website of the National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) has a list of recommended vaccinations and information on diseases and health risks in different countries (in Finnish). Vaccinations for travellers are provided for a fee at occupational health care or health clinics.

Seasonal influenza vaccinations

Everyone to whose health influenza poses a substantial threat is given a seasonal influenza vaccination. Flu shots have also been offered to family members of persons vulnerable to a serious case of influenza. This includes family members of elderly persons, newborn infants, pregnant women and persons with immunodeficiencies. Informal carers are also given the shot free of charge.

If you have any questions related to vaccinations, please contact your local health centre.