Vaccinations against Coronavirus

Last updated 8.4.2021 at 16:45. The webpage will be updated as the situation evolves.

At the moment in Oulu, vaccinations are offered to residents aged 65 or older and 16-64-year-olds in risk group 1.

Read instructions and book a vaccination appointment.

Notifications about booking schedule for various groups will be posted on this webpage. The vaccination is free of charge. We comply with the national schedule for vaccination in stages.  The pace of vaccinations depends on the amount of vaccine available in Oulu. You always have to book an appointment for your vaccination.



Vaccination and booking of appointments for residents aged 65 or older and 16-64-year-olds in risk group 1

Eligible for vaccination are

  • persons who will be 65 this year (born in 1956) or older
  • 16-64-year-olds in risk group 1


Book a vaccination appointment

  • booking for appointments on the phone, tel.  08 558 41415 Mondays to Thursdays between 8:00 and 16:00, Fridays between 8:00 and 15:00.

If you can´t communicate in Finnish, English or Swedish, you can have language assistance from the multilingual counselling of the City of Oulu.

If you book a vaccination appointment on the phone, we recommend you to leave a message to be called back. Do not wait on the line or call the number several times.

 Booking an appointment for another person can be made only on the phone.


Vaccination time-schedule in Oulu

Groups to be vaccinated Time-schedule Vaccine
Social welfare and healthcare workers carrying out corona-related tasks Vaccinated Biontech-Pfizer

Staff and residents at housing service and residential care facilities for senior citizens

Vaccinated Biontech-Pfizer,
Astra­ Zeneca
Home care clients (please refer to the vaccination time-schedule for home care) Ongoing

Astra­ Zeneca 

65-year-olds (born in 1956) and older

Vaccinations in process. Booking open.

Astra Zeneca

Persons in the risk group 1:  under 16-64-year-olds, who are at very high risk from severe coronavirus infection due to an illness or condition (THL group 1)

Vaccinations in process. Booking open.

Citizen´s in the risk group 2: under 70-year-olds, who are susceptible to severe coronavirus infection due to their illness or condition (THL group 2) No starting date given yet Astra ­Zeneca
Mass vaccination of the population No starting date given yet Vaccine not yet known


Information on risk groups

The risk group has been divided into two subgroups in the national vaccination schedule.

Risk group 1 consists of the under 70-year-olds, who have a very severe underlying illness or condition making them susceptible to a serious case of coronavirus infection.

  • organ or stem cell transplant
  • ongoing treatment for cancer
  • severe diseases that weakens the immune system
  • chronic kidney failure
  • severe chronic lung condition
  • medically treated type 2 diabetes
  • Down syndrome

Check here, if you are in risk group 1.

Risk group 2 consists of the under 70-year-olds, who have an underlying illness or condition making them susceptible to a serious case of coronavirus infection. See here THL risk group 2.

Persons living in the same household are not vaccinated at the same time as risk groups.


Vaccination of home care clients

Most home care clients will be vaccinated at home, however, mobility and condition allowing, they may book an appointment also for the age group specific mass vaccination.

In residential homes, vaccinations are given to clients receiving home care services. The vaccination will be provided by the client’s home care provider once the vaccine is available. Mobility and condition allowing, an appointment may also be booked for the age group specific mass vaccination at Ouluhalli.

Vaccination time-schedule for home care

City of Oulu home care and home care providers do parallel vaccinations in their catchment areas.

Home care catchment area Time-schedule
Kiiminki Welfare Centre area Vaccinated
Haukipudas Welfare Centre area Vaccinated
Kontinkangas Welfare Centre, city centre area Started week 9
Oulunsalo-Kaakkuri Welfare Centre area, Started week 10
Tuira Welfare Centre area Started week 10


Vaccination centres and sites

Available vaccination sites and times are listed online or you are told about access on the phone. A vaccination appointment has to be booked in advance.

Addresses of the vaccination sites

  • Ouluhalli, Ouluhallintie 20. See the map for entry directions (in finnish)
  • Haukipudas Welfare Centre, Simppulanharjuntie A16
  • Kiiminki, Jaarantie 4, old Jokiranta School
  • Oulunsalo Healthcare Centre, Kauppiaantie 10
  • Yli-Ii Healthcare Clinic, Kirkkotie 2
  • Ylikiiminki Healthcare Clinic, Vesaisenlinnantie 2

We ask family or friends kindly to help senior citizens with the booking and transport.

Please, remember the importance of wearing a mask and follow the recommendations also after the vaccination.


Instructions for those coming to get their vaccination

  • Come only if you are healthy, wear a mask.
  • Wear a blouse or shirt of elastic material with short sleeves.
  • Have an ID card or driving licence ready to prove your identity.
  • If you are an informal carer, bring the decision on informal care with you.
  • After the vaccination, you may be asked to wait for 15 minutes.
  • You need to have 2 doses of the vaccine. You will get the second dose 12 weeks after the first one.


After the vaccination

Even if you have had coronavirus infection or been vaccinated against it, it is important to keep on wearing a mask and follow recommendations as well. See the recommendations and restrictions in force in Oulu.


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