Oulu is a city for young people – over one third of the residents are under 25 years of age.

Oulu invests in young people. As well as diverse educational opportunities, Oulu also provides a wide range of leisure activities and places for young people. Information and support is also available.

Youth Services 

The key area of the work of Youth Services in the City of Oulu is preventive, long-term support for the growth of children and young people. Youth work supports parents in bringing up their children and promotes well-balanced growth. We improve the living conditions of young people and encourage them to take the initiative and become active members of society.

Our services are based on voluntariness. Freedom from substance abuse is an integral part of all our operations. Our mode of operation is communal, flexible and based on networking, making use of modern technology.

Youth Information and Counselling Centre Nappi

Postal address
Hallituskatu 5 a,

Telephone number
050 5992293 

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