Anti-bullying & Student Partici­pation

Anti-bullying & OIS

We have a zero-tolerance policy against bullying. We act immediately if we suspect, or are reported of, bullying during school time (including the trip to and from home). Please bear in mind that parents are responsible for resolving incidents occurred during free time (birthday parties, social media, What'sapp etc.). In our school we are committed to following the local anti-bullying programme. The programme includes structured lessons, theme days and procedures to prevent bullying.


Peer Mediation

OIS encourages students to assume responsibility for not only their own learning but also their own and others' personal development. In order to solve conflicts between individual students in grades 1-6 we have developed a Peer Mediation procedure. This is a session held in the presence of the conflicting parties, student mediators and a teacher coordinator.

More information: Peer Mediation - Vertaissovittelu


Peer students - Tukioppilaat

A specially trained group of teachers called the KiVa Team cooperates with the class/homeroom teachers investigating any cases of bullying that come to light. Guardians who suspect that their child is the victim of bullying or have reason to believe that s/he is bullying others are encouraged to contact the school so that the matter can be handled as quickly and effectively as possible. Students may sometimes find it intimidating to approach a teacher if they feel they are bullied. In this case they may approach a Peer Mediator student who handles the case without adults being involved. See the chart below:

Anti-bullying procedure

Information about the peer support scheme (Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, MLL)