Culture United

OIS is proud to be involved in Culture United. Culture United is an Erasmus project funded by the EU. The project uses cultural events and heritage festivals in each of the participating countries as multidisciplinary learning experience for students in primary schools. The goal is for children to learn in an interactive and engaging way which appeals to their natural curiosity, enthusiasm and interests.

In this project, our school is working closely with culture staff from the City of Oulu. Teachers at our school will develop teaching materials related to the grade 5 history curriculum content about the history of tar in Oulu. Other schools in the region will also benefit from the teaching resources that are created. The teaching resources will be linked with a cultural heritage event in Oulu that is related to tar.

Our partners in this project are:

Stichting Beleef en Herinner and Kunst Kade from The Netherlands

Creative Spark and Gael Scoil Dun Dealgan primary school in Ireland

Edinburgh City Council and Unique Events from Scotland, the UK

Open Education Community (Belgium)

Municipality of Oulu