Health is Wealth: enriching EUr Life

Health is Wealth: enriching EUr Life is the name of our approved Erasmus K229 -School Exchange Partnership from December 2020 – December 2022. Oulu International School is in this project with Wallace High School: Stirling, Scotland/UK, IES Sierra Blanca, Marbella, Spain, and ICS "G. Pascoli" di Matera, Matera, Italy.

This project deals with physical and mental well-being and how to achieve it, for example, through closer relationships with people and nature and scientifically proven simple well-being inducers like being outdoors, the arts, organic foods, and sport.

Our teachers and students will share their good well-being practices from their schools and cultures and use them back in their home countries and add them to their school's yearly well-being calendars. Through this project, we want the students and teachers who participate, to become active ambassadors of promoting well-being in a European context.

The winning logo of our project was designed by a twelve-year-old student in Italy: