1. Why we have rules 

The purpose of the rules is the help organize the school, to helps us learn and to make sure that the school community is safe.

2. Student's rights and responsibilities (Basic Education Act § 35, 36) 


  • As a student; I have the right to receive teaching based on the curriculum. 
  • As a student, I am responsible to 
    • attend school according to my timetable and to inform the school of any absence.
    • do my homework conscientiously and to inform the teacher of any missed homework or test. 
    • respect everyone’s right to a safe learning environment by following the school’s guidelines.

3. Safety, wellbeing and learning 


1) Polite, considerate behavior

  • I follow the staff members’ instructions. 
  • I behave in a polite manner. I use appropriate language.
  • I respect everyone’s right to a safe school day. I do not bully and do not accept bullying.
  • I respect everyone’s personal space. I will not hurt anyone physically or mentally.
  • I take care of both my own, my peers’ and the school’s equipment. I do not take other people’s belongings without their permission.
  • I come to lessons with the right materials and equipment eg. sports clothing.
  • I do not copy, edit or share someone else’s work including text and pictures without writing down the sources of information (plagiarism).
  • To show respect for members of various ages and backgrounds in the school community, I display possible romantic affection discreetly.
  • During assemblies or performances, I leave my bag and phone in the classroom.


2) In school, on our way to school and back home

  • I follow the traffic rules and any other rules set by the City of Oulu eg. regarding travelling on buses. 
  • I only enter the school building when the school starts.
  • I leave school within half an hour after my lessons have finished. I wait outside for an after-school club or a lift. Grade 1 and 2 students may go to afternoon care. 
  • I do not leave the school property without permission. Only Class/homeroom teacher or the supervising teacher can give a permission to leave the school property. If I have a medical appointment or visit the school nurse, school psychologist or social worker, I prove this by presenting a note signed by that person. 


3) Taking care of myself, others and the school environment

  • Inside the school, I take off my outdoor shoes, coat and hat and put them neatly in the designated place. 
  • I will bring only healthy snacks (fruit, sandwiches, muesli bars) to school.  I do not eat sweets or crisps, or drink carbonated or caffeinated drinks during school day. 
  • I am allowed to chew xylitol gum after lunch and on the scack break, not during lesson time. After us, I will dispose the gum in a litter pin. 
  • I keep the school tidy. I clean what I mess up. If I deliberately break something I pay for its repair. 


4) Safety

  • I do not bring items or substances to school which cause disturbance or danger. If asked, I must hand over a disturbing or dangerous object or substance to the Principal or a teacher.
  • I behave in a way which maintains safety.
  • I lock my bike, scooter, etc. and leave it in the designated area.
  • I do not bring or use tobacco or alcohol products in school. 


5) Use of computers, phones and other mobile devices

  • I do not have my mobile phone visible during lessons at all. My teacher may give persmission to use it for educational purposes. Gr 7-9: I am only allowed to have my phone visible durin break times. 
  • I understand that taking photos and videos without the permission of the person(s) in them is not allowed. I understand that sharing those photos and videos online is a crime. 
  • The Big Bite, Gym and PYP lobby and corridor are mobile phone free zones.
  • The library and PYP and MYP corridors are quiet working areas.


   4. Breaking school rules results in disciplinary action (Basic Education Act § 35, 36)

  • Discussion or reprimand by a teacher
  • Dismissal from the class
  • Guidance discussion
  • Guidance discussion with parents at school (detention)
  • Written warning
  • Suspension


Our Playground Agreements:

  • I do not throw rocks or sticks.
  • I walk and do not push when coming inside. I use the right door for coming in.
  • During the winter I only throw snowballs against the grey wall at the end of the football field.
  • During the winter I do not push others off the snow hills.
  • When I am on the climbing frames I do not climb to the very top.
  • Only grade 5 students and up are allowed to spin in the “liito-orava” spinner.
  • When playing on the tyre swings, we have no more than two students on at a time.
  • When playing on the other swings, we have no more than one on at a time.
  • I take turns on the playground equipment. At busy times, I take a three-minute turn on the swings.
  • I do not jump off the swings nor swing too high.
  • I do not stand in front of, or behind, the swings.
  • I take care of the plants growing in our playground.
  • I do not ride bikes in the yard during school hours.
  • I skateboard or ride scooters (potkulaudat) in the space between the bike racks and the storage building only if I wear a helmet and wrist and knee pads.
  • I give priority to the Leinonpuisto students when playing in their play area. I do not climb over the Leinonpuisto fence or sit on the gates. I help keep the gates closed.


Lunch agreements:


  • I leave my coat, hat and shoes in the rack.
  • I do not push in the line.
  • I only take what I intend to eat.
  • I keep my voice level low.
  • I remember good table manners.
  • I do not use my mobile phone.
  • I push my chair under the table when I leave.
  • I leave the space clean and tidy for the next user of the Big Bite.