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Applying to Oulu International School

Information for applicants

Welcome to apply to Oulu International School!

Please follow these simple guidelines:

1.     On Wednesday 24.1.2024 at 5 p.m., you and your parents are welcome to the info evening to learn about our school and the IB programmes.

2.     Fill out the application form in https://ouka.inschool.fi/browsecourses  by 4.2.2024.

3.     Come to the entrance test on

Thursday 15.2.2024 (applicants to gr 1) starting at 13 o'clock and ending around 15 o'clock or

Friday 16.2.2024 (applicants to gr 2-9), the starting and ending times will be confirmed.

You will not be sent a separate invitation to the entrance test. You do not need to practice for the entrance test. Wait in front of the main door for guidance. Make sure you eat a good breakfast/lunch before the test. You can bring a small snack with you if you like. 

If the applicant is absent from the language test due to illness, with a doctor's certificate the applicant can join a language test organized on the 3rd of March.

The language proficiency test includes:

G1:interview & activities to help see the level of pre-reading skills.
G2: interview & simple reading and spelling tasks.
G3 and 4: interview, reading and listening comprehension & writing tasks.
G5-9: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing skills & speaking skills.

As of spring 2021, Finnish children living in Finland need to pass the Finnish test in order to be accepted to OIS. Students are accepted according to the ranking order based on English test results depending on the availability of vacancies in the class.

4.     xx.x..2024 guardians will receive information as to whether their child passed the entrance test. This information will be sent through Wilma or by mail. Guardians need to accept or decline the study place within one week time. 

5.     Entrance tests are held twice a year only*, in February (15.-16.2.2024) and in August (the date and time will be confirmed), with no exceptions. If you have registered for the language test in August and you are not able to come, please inform the school in advance. If you do not inform the school, and have no health reasons or other (justified) reasons, your next language test opportunity is in February. *For applicants who move to Oulu region during the academic, the testing is ongoing. 

6.     Academic year 2024-2025 starts in August 2024 (the date will be confirmed).


For more information see also https://www.ouka.fi/oulu/oulu-international-school/faq or send email to  admissions.ois@eduouka.fi 

Read more about education in Oulu in Oulussa koulussa guide.

If applying to grade 1, fill out the form for afternoon care, if needed.




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