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Entrance to OIS & Application Forms Entrance to OIS & Application Forms

Applying to Oulu International School

Information for applicants

Welcome to apply to Oulu International School!

Please follow these simple guidelines:

1.     On Wednesday 18.1.2017 at 18, you and your parents are welcome to the info evening to learn about our school and the IB programmes.

2.     Fill out the application form (Grade 1. or Grades 2.-9.) and bring, send, or fax it to our school office by Friday 27.1.2017.

3.     Come to the entrance test on Friday 17.2.2016 at 13:00.

You will not be sent a separate invitation to the entrance test. You do not need to practice for the entrance test. Wait in the downstairs lobby for guidance. The entrance test will take about 2 hours. Make sure you eat a good lunch before the test. You can bring a small snack with you if you like. While you are doing the test, your guardians are asked to fill in a questionnaire about your application to OIS.

The entrance test includes:

G1:interview & activities to help see the level of pre-reading skills.
G2: interview & simple reading and spelling tasks.
G3 and 4: interview & reading & writing tasks.
G5-9: Reading, writing, listening & speaking tasks.
Finnish skills will also be tested or evaluated in all grade levels.

4.     By 17.3.2017 you will receive a letter as to whether you passed the entrance test.


5.     The welcome day for new OIS students is onTuesday 2.5.2017 at 9:00-12:00.


6.     Entrance tests are held twice a year only, in February and in August, with no exceptions.

Read more about education in Oulu in Oulussa koulussa guide.
If applying to grade 1 or 2, fill out the form for afternoon care, if needed.
Leave of absence
If you are planning to take your child out of school during term time, please fill in the following application and return it to the principal.