Our students have access to computers in our computer laboratories as well as in individual classrooms. Each student has an individual username and password to access the computers. Laptops and tablet computers are also available for use in the school which allows us to take advantage of our wireless Internet connection. As with the library, access to the Internet, for example, plays an important role in allowing our students to work on some of the important questions which arise from their units of inquiry or projects. We also have a number of computers in the MYP lobby and corridor.

We seek to develop in students the ability to use tools to gather information, to process that information into knowledge and to effectively communicate that knowledge. In keeping with the school’s philosophy of teaching Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills in context and of using ICT to enhance students’ learning, the appropriate use of ICT is an integrated element of school subjects in all grades. In keeping with the City of Oulu ICT policy, each student is given an e-mail account.

ICT Curriculum