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School Nurse

The school nurse's visiting times at OIS are every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. For urgent medical attention students are advised to go to their nearest health care centre. If a parent has to stay away from work to look after a child under the age of 10, our school nurse can provide a certificate about it for their employer.

We advise families moving from abroad to take their child's vaccination documents along to the first school nurse visit. We follow the Finnish vaccination system.

Health check-ups are provided regularly during the student's entire school career, in which their condition and development are followed, and any risks concerning their choice of career are handled. Students of other grades are checked as required. The school nurse sends a written note about the check-up time. If the given time is not suitable, parents are asked to make a new appointment with the nurse.

The school has an emergency first aid kit to provide immediate care for bruises and cuts. Only the nurse is allowed to give painkillers to students. In case of a more serious accident or injury, parents are contacted as soon as possible and the student is first taken to the school nurse or to the Accident and Emergency Department of Oulu University Hospital. The class/homeroom teacher must be informed of any medication, illness or condition which may have an effect on the student's school work.


OIS students are insured by Fennia insurance company during school times including P.E. lessons, educational visits etc. and during the trip between home and school. All injuries occurred during these times are reported to the school nurse or other staff member. Treatment for injuries which happen at school or on journeys between home and school is free of charge.

Our insurance does not cover accidents which happen during school days if the student is outside school premises without permission. Therefore, students and parents are expected to understand that leaving the school premises e.g. during breaks or lunchtime without notice is strictly forbidden.

It is the responsibility of the parents to seek treatment for injuries occurred after school hours (e.g. sports training). These injuries are usually covered by the sports associations' licences. The school´s insurance does not cover the expenses if the injury occurred outside school time.

If the services of a private GP are required because of an injury which occurred at school, parents should pay the doctor's bill first and then claim compensation from insurance company Fennia. Please refer to these instructions as to how to claim compensation from Fennia. Instructions in Finnish on the right column of this page.

Dental Care

Students are invited to the first dental check-up appointment and the frequency of further check-ups depends on students' individual needs. The telephone number for appointments is (08) 5584 6430.

Now non-Oulu residents may also have a dental check-up in Oulu. If it turns out that the student needs further treatment (e.g. filling or orthodontic treatment), parents will have to ask the home municipality's dental health care centre for permission first. If the permission is granted, the care will continue in Oulu. If the home municipality denies dental care in Oulu, the care will continue in the home municipality.

To keep teeth in good condition, remember the following:

  • Eat regularly and avoid extra, esp. sweet snacks
  • Drink water if you are thirsty
  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day
  • After meal, take a xylitol pastille or chewing gum

We allow OIS students to have a xylitol chewing gum after lunch and the afternoon snack so long as the gum is disposed of in the litter bin before the next lesson.


Quick guide to claim compensation

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