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News and Dates in January

ERASMUS VISITORS. We shall be hosting a group of teachers and students from Autria, Spain, Germany and Scotland on week 4. Thank you to all families who volunteered to host students in their homes. Thank you to OISPA for organizing a Potluck Dinner for the guests and host families on 22.1.

GR 4 & GR 9 PARENTS' EVENING ON WED 15.1. AT 18. Gr 9 in the Big Bite (topic: Joint Application); gr 4 in the gr 4 Classroom (topic: entering the MYP and A2 language choices for the upcoming years.  

LIBRARY BOOKS. Please return any books borrowed from the City Library back there. The books borrowed from our school library must be returned to us. There is no courier service between our school library and the City Library.

LOST & FOUND. At the end of last term, we had many bin bags full of top-quality but unnamed clothes in the Lost & Found. All lost items which had been correctly named did find their rightful owners, so please do make sure your child’s clothes are named. We thank OISPA for taking care of the Lost & Found clothes and raising money by selling them out.

STRENGTH OF THE MONTH. The Strength of the Month in January is Social Intelligence (sosiaalinen älykkyys). We would like families to pay attention to and discuss the following at home:

  • Do I introduce myself to new people?
  • Do I respond to greetings and questions addressed at me?
  • Do I listen to the one who speaks? Do I let them speak?
  • Do I look at people when talking to them?
  • Do my views get taken into account in discussion?
  • Do I always say the words Thank you, Sorry and Please?

SCHOOL DAYS IN THE SPRING TERM AND NEXT ACADEMIC YEAR. Please check this City of Oulu site https://www.ouka.fi/oulu/koulutus-ja-opiskelu/koulujen-tyo-ja-loma-ajat