Student Welfare Team

Student welfare service is every child's right and the school's duty. Our school's Student Welfare Team cooperates with parents to support the students' wellbeing and matters related to learning or socio-emotional health, interaction and relationships. If any concern arises at school, parents are asked for permission for their child's matters to be discussed in the Student Welfare Team, or they may be invited to attend the Student Welfare Team meeting (Monday at 13:30).

The members of the Student Welfare Team are the following. They may be contacted by parents and students wishing to discuss any concerns about school-related issues. The combination of the Student Welfare Team in each meeting depends on the student issue in question; i.e. only those members of the SWT are present who are directly connected to the matter concerned.

Health Services in OIS


Raija Perttunen 044 703 9418 

Deputy Head 

Jenni Alaniemi 044 703 9430

Deputy Head 

Anneli Jokelainen 044 703 9703

Special Education Teachers

Gr 1-4

Janne Heinonen 

Saija Laukka

Gr 5-9

Tiia Seppänen

School Nurse (Mon/Wed/Thu 11:30-12:30 without appointment) 

Jutta Huotari 050 3712018

School Psychologist (Calling hour on Tue/Fri 12-13)

Iida Honkavaara 040 537 7769

School Social Worker

Johanna Papunen 044 7039672

School Doctor

1st, 5th and 8th graders health check-ups only