Sustainable Development

OIS works with high expectations and principles of sustainable development so that the community will be better for all now, and in the future – locally, globally and virtually in its ecological, social, and intercultural environments. We received the Sustainable Development Certificate (Oppilaitosten kestävän kehityksen sertifikaatti) from OKKA-säätiö in 2012.

In 2014 our school received an Eco School status and a Green Flag. This is a result of active work by our Eco Team, a group consisting of teachers and students. An example of last year's achievements is the Team's bio waste reduction project, as a result of which the amount of bio waste decreased by 50% compared to 2013.
The ideology of a Green Flag school is that we have Green Flag manners that everybody follows. Our school's catch phrases are:
"Everyone doesn't have food so don't waste it"     "Help the world - Go Green"
"Do you REALLY need that?"
All teachers of OIS teach about sustainable development as stated in the curriculum. They also ensure that classrooms have a suitable learning environment for the students (safe, comfortable, ergonomic, and stimulating). All staff and students are responsible for recycling materials and conserving energy. This means limiting printing and wastage of materials and making sure electrical appliances and water are turned off when they are not needed. Recycling bins are located throughout the school.​