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Oulu International School, Kasarmintie 4, 90130 Oulu, Finland

Tel: +358 50 371 6977

Fax: +358 8 557 1423




Raija Perttunen

044-7039 418

Deputy Head/ Student Counsellor  Anneli Jokelainen 044-7039 703
Deputy Head  Jenni Alaniemi  044-7039 430

MYP Coordinator

Marja Peedo

050-5915 761

PYP Coordinator

Heidi Tuomela

044-7039 702

Kati Tiikkainen 050-3716 977


Georgios Kalogeris

044-7039 701

School Assistants

Erja Wikstedt
Kati Mäntylä

050-3781 479


Staff Room

050-3166 627

School Kitchen

050-3620 782




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TEACHERS 2018-2019


Teachers' e-mail:

Staff Room tel. +358-50-3166 627


Teachers will inform guardians of their work telephone numbers.


Abdelkader Dalia


 Airaksinen Liina Special Education MYP

Alaniemi Jenni

3AB, English and Ethics 3AB, Deputy Head

Haataja Maarit

Music 3-9

 Hakunti Tatu 5A, Finnish MT 5AB, Craft 3AB, 4A

Harjula Samantha

5B, English 5-6 and 7B

Heikkilä Jussi

Craft 4B & 5-6, Technical Work 7-8

 Hyvönen Arto 6B, Finnish MT 6AB, PE 7-9

Ilvesviita Antti (substituted by Anna Rehula
until 22.12.)

7A Homeroom, Maths 7-9

Isola Anna

Finnish S2

Jokelainen Anneli

Student Counsellor 7-9

 Kantelinen Paula Spanish

Kaurala Elisa

6A, English 6AB

 Kontiokari-Hautala Sanna       

Swedish 6-9, English 7A

Larivaara-Heikkala Satu

8A Homeroom, Visual Art 3-9, Visual Art & Design Technology 8-9

Laukka Saija

Special Education PYP

Linna Anne

Craft 3-6, Textile Work 7-8, Optional Text. 9

Manninen Soile

9A homeroom, PE 1-9, Health Education 7-9

Marden Kaisa

1A, English 1AB

Marden Kelvey

4B, English 4AB, PE 3-4


Biology & Georaphy 7-9

Mäntylä Kati


Määttä Heli

8B homeroom, Home Economics 7-9

Parker Karin

Physics & Chemistry 7-9

Peedo Marja

English 8-9, RE 8-9, MYP Coordinator

Pieniniemi Riikka

3AB, PE, Finnish MT & Music 3AB

Pöyry Elina

2b, Finnish 2AB

Rimpisalo Antti

7B Homeroom, History 7-8, Civics 9, Ethics 5-9, RE 5-9

  Salmi Henna 1B, Finnish 1AB

Salo Tanja

9B homeroom, Finnish MT 7-8, Opt. Drama 8-9

Silveri Jenna

4A, Finnish MT 4AB, ICT 7

  Sipilä Outi PYP Subject Teacher

Tuomela Heidi

2A, English 2AB, PYP Coordinator

Wikstedt Erja




Traffic information

Please drive very carefully at the campus. The speed limit in the OIS driveway is 10km/h. To keep the traffic flow as smooth as possible, please drive all the way up to the very end of the driveway (near the PYP entrance) to the student drop-off point (see the traffic map). 

Guardians should not stop or park their cars in any of the teachers' parking spaces. 

The traffic on the parking lot parallel to Kasarmintie should only flow one-way. When leaving the OIS driveway, a right turn at peak times is strongly recommended.

Only taxis transporting children to and from Leinonpuisto school are allowed on Valjastehtaankatu bicycle path.

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