Oulu Days September 2–4, 2022. - Since 1962.

For event organizers

In this page has been collected all the main information if you are interested in to produce your own event or other cultural content for  Oulu Days' program. If you do not find answer to your guestion from this page, please contact us: oulunpaivat@ouka.fi.


Remember to register your event!

Register your event to Oulu Days' program via the Mun Oulu event calendar.  The events of the programme have to be added to the calendar before 12th August 2022. The events announced through the calendar by that date will be included into the Oulu Days' programme and joint marketing.

 When you are adding your event to the calendar, please tag your event with ""I would like to register my event to Oulu Days' programme on September 2-4, 2022" in the "Select navigation pages which your content will be shown on" section.

All Oulu Days events must commit to the festival's communication guidelines.

If you do not have a picture to use for your event or you have problems using the calendar, please contact oulunpaivat@ouka.fi.


Oulu Days communication guidelines

  • The official name of the Oulu Days in Finnish is Oulun Päivät
  • The information about your event must be added in the Mun Oulu event calendar. Event organizers must ensure that the programme information provided in the calendar is correct.
  • All the communications (press releases, information letters, announcements, etc.) must mention that the event is part of the Oulu Days' programme.
  • The Oulu Days latest version of the logo must be used in the marketing materials (e.g. posters, flyers, newspaper advertisements and electronic advertising)
  • The organizers of the events have to make sure that it is also clear at the venue that this is an Oulu Days' event



Download the new Oulu Days' logo, poster templates or decoration materials from the City of Oulu Media Bank. If these materials do not work for your event, please contact us by e-mail at oulunpaivat@ouka.fi